We'll help you look better on your webcam. Way better.

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Home office is here to stay

And your webcam's view will define you. We have two ways to help you Spruce it up.

Recording Evaluation

Custom advice based on your webcam video

You record a 10-second sample video. Our pros will then send you customized recommendations—usually within a couple of hours. Just like this:

Spruce Consultation

We'll do it live! Meet via webcam to improve your online presentation

You pick a time. Our pro will spend 15 minutes on a video call with you, finding your best location, most flattering light source, ideal background, camera angle, and more.


Can't I just do this myself?

Of course! There's tons of online advice to fix your mise en scène. But YouTubers can't see your face, or the lighting and background options in your particular space. And while some folks can take generic visual advice and adapt it to themselves, others aren’t confident (or interested) enough to parse the information out there to apply to their own setup. Spruce makes it quick and easy.

Is this a personal makeover?

No. Spruce is about helping you present yourself online as well as you already do in person. If you're an unkempt mess, we might give you a gentle nudge toward a hairbrush.

Are you trying to sell me equipment?

No, Spruce tries to find lighting and backgrounds you have available already. We'll recommend gear if there is a problem that can't be solved another way, but try to keep that as a last resort.

What if I like bad lighting?

If you want bad lighting to protest our new screen-based reality, then huzzah! You do you, however dimly.

If you want "bad" lighting for a stylistic reason—maybe you’re a DJ or frequently attend goth Zoom parties—Spruce can still help make your look flattering and just the right amount of mysterious. (We're photographers: we love to find the look that’s right for each person.)

Can you do this for my friend / co-worker / entire company?

Yes, we do work with groups and are happy to discuss a custom package for your company or team. If you want to give a co-worker a subtle hint, we can help you do so anonymously as well. Drop us a note at help@spruce.cam.

Our Mission


Meet Sara

& Lily Hippo

Finding the best available lighting, angle and background for people is second nature to me—I’ve been doing it for my magazine, portrait and headshot clients for 20 years. When shelter-in-place suspended my in-person photo shoots, I did what most people did: began living more of my life onscreen.

In those first few weeks, I couldn't help but notice how poorly most peoples' webcams conveyed who they are and what they’re about, not to mention being horribly unflattering. Unfortunate camera angles and bad lighting were causing all kinds of brilliant folks to come across as unprofessional. I wanted to jump through my webcam and fix everyone's setups.

So, I started Spruce to help people present themselves better in this strange new virtual world. My dog, Liliana Hippopotamus, sometimes sits in on Spruce sessions, but she's more interested in treats and squirrels than in personal presentation.